Vitage Skincare – Do I Love it? *

Hi Dolls,

We all know that skin care is something we can’t ignore, we have to look after and love the skin we are in if we want to keep looking fresh and try to slow down the ticking clock from showing on our face.

I have really developed such a love of skin care since I started blogging, it’s really opened my eyes to how important it is to really invest in your skin, not only financially with buying products but by putting time into your routine twice a day (for me sometimes just once as I can be a little lazy) but when I’m being a good girl I really do make an effort each morning and night to go through my skincare routine properly.

I know love skin care as much as I do makeup – I never thought that would happen. I used to think taking my makeup off with a baby wipe and slapping any old moisturiser on would be sufficient…well now I hang my head in shame at this! And maybe I pay the price for it now somewhat as my skin is becoming more mature.

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to review a range of products from a brand called Vitage. I had seen some of their products online, in particular their tanning drops and I was intrigued to try them out. So lets give you a little bit of back ground about Vitage as a brand:

“Vitage was initially formulated and introduced to the UK in 1998 by Dr Patrick Bowler, founding member and Fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, becoming one of the first gentle antioxidant ranges produced for the professional market.”

So let’s take a look at what I have been giving a good trial recently:


For me when it comes to reviewing skin care products you really do need to give it a fair trial before you can really give your feedback as often skincare products take a while to really show benefits to your skin. However there was on product which I instantly jumped straight into and loved from the start, The Vitage Illuminating Tanning Drops.

So tanning drops were a new concept to me, but I loved the idea. I seem to have an endless supply of body lotions in the cupboard which I never seem to get to, however the thought of adding a few tanning drops to one of these body lotions gave them a whole new appeal and I have found myself shopping my own beauty stash again!

The Illuminating tanning drops are really great, literally a few drops in the palm of your hand with a dollop of body lotions and mix together and then apply evenly. A nice subtle tan will develop over a few hours. My only thing I would say is, it’s really really important you try to apply as evenly as possible as the drops are quite transparent so its can sometimes be difficult to see where you have applied.

However the tan itself I think is a really clever way of making the most of your products and adding a few drops of tan to make it a multi purpose product. It doesn’t have a really strong fake tan either, so that’s another bonus. Overall great product that really goes a very long way and give a really good colouring that can be buildable.


Vitage Vitamin C Tightening Serum – RRP £39.00

Enriched with high levels of stabilised vitamin C, this serum brightens dull, uneven skin tone. It’s a really light serum to apply and soaks into the skin evenly and quickly and you can really feel it start to tighten as soon as it dries in. It stimulates collagen production, firming the skin and minimising lines and wrinkles. I do like to apply this before any other skin care and makeup. The powerful antioxidant benefits of vitamin C defend the skin against the prematurely ageing damage of environmental aggressors and free radicals and Vitamin C is now firmly part of my daily skincare routine.

Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates and also one of my favourite products to use as part of my skin care, it really helps with dehydrated skin which I really suffer with as my skin is aging. ARGANTENSYL™ proteins a natural tightening active from the Argan tree provide both instant and long-term lifting and tightening benefits to restore a youthful appearance. I’m not saying this serum has made me look 10 years younger but I do really believe its been amazing for my skin and I have absolutely had less break outs since using it and it’s really rare I use almost a whole bottle within a 2 month period. Now that’s a testament to how much I like it!


Vitamin C Radiance Mask

Ooh now I love myself a face mask and this anti-ageing mask is of course right up my street and delivers a revitalising hit of Vitamin C to bring my tired skin back to life. Vitage say this mask is ideal for complexions in need of balancing and revitalising, and is  suitable for all skin types, especially normal and combination. I like to mask at least one a week so I need to really start treating my skin a lot more with this mask.


Vitage Age Defence Peptide Cream – RRP £36.00

“Soothe and hydrate delicate or ageing skin with this light yet deeply nourishing and softening cream. Forms a protective layer to repair barrier function.” – This would be one of my top products from the Vitage range along with the Vitamin C serum. I feel the two work together beautifully. My skin really does feel like its got a good skin care routine going on and Vitage can certainly take a lot of credit for that.

The Age Defence Peptide Cream is great to apply straight after the serum, as they serum really does tighten as it says, but the peptide does just offer the flash of moisture my skin needs before applying make up and after taking it off.

Vitage Revitalise Daily Cleanse – RRP £24.00

This cleanser is product I have used the least from the Vitage range. It’s not that I’m not a fan, but I do have some firm fave cleansers and it takes a lot to temp me away from them. However as this is a product from a brand I now love I plan to embed this cleanser into my routine also as i know how much I love the other Vitage products.

Vitage promotes this cleanser as an anti-ageing cleanser which gently removes everyday residue, impurities and makeup from the skin with a blend of powerful antioxidant ingredients that also work to repair and prevent environmental damage.

Overall I have really enjoyed discovering this brand and I would love to try other products from their range, to be it seems highly undiscovered and underrated and I can only see this brand going from strength to strength.

Thanks for reading Dolls, don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty and lifestyle posts!  And Also find me on Bloglovin

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* The products were gifted to me for review purposes but all opinions are completely honest and my own.


2 thoughts on “Vitage Skincare – Do I Love it? *

  1. This is a great post – your photos are stunning and you give such a good insight into each product. I’m becoming slowly obsessed with finding the perfect skincare brand and a lot of these look like things I really need to try! That serum and the peptide cream sound amazing and I can see myself making a little order soon…!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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