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Proaura Vitamin C Serum *

Hi Dolls,

Beauty serums are becoming big business these days and I have to admit I have rather discovered a love for them myself. Specifically I really enjoy using vitamin C serums so when I was asked if I wanted to try the Proaura Vitamin C serum I was of course intrigued to give it a go and see if it had any noticebale benefits to my skin.


Proauara is a serum with 20% vitamin C serum but it also has Astaxanthin in it which has been clinically proven to be 60 times more powerful than vitamin C alone. Another ingredient is hylouronic acid, which I’m s big fan of in skin care.

Vitamin C is great for helping signs of premature aging and gives a real brightening effect. This year I have made a really effort to embed vitamin C products into my skin care routine as my skin is now maturing really quickly its imperative I try everything I can to try and slow down the aging process and really take good care of my skin.

Thanks to the skin-brightening benefits of vitamin C, this serum is perfect for those who need to restore vitality to dull, tired complexions. It also helps to stimulate collagen production, firming the skin and restoring elasticity. The hyaluronic acid provides intense, long-lasting hydration deep within the skin, while also plumping and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and lets face it, I will take all the help I can get right now! There is no magic cure or wonder potion to stop aging but having a good skin care routine really does help to slow things down.

Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin Claims the following benefits:

* Boosts immune system & promotes healthy skin
* Helps improve elasticity
* Brightens pigmentation and moisturises deep
* Rapidly absorbed formula
* Formula is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free


How to use:

I am currently using a couple of Vitamin C serums, of course this being one of them. I use this morning and night before makeup in the morning and then reapply when I take my makeup off at night. Simply apply onto cleansed skin and rub in using circular motions – I usually wait a few moment for the serum to fully absorb into the skin before applying any other products. This serum has no scent to it at all and absorbs into the skin beautifully.


I would say I haven’t been using this long enough to say if I can really see all of the but it benefits it claims, but that said it does really work well with my skin and my makeup applies well on top of it and since using Vitamin C serums I do think I have seen a big improvement in my skin – I do still get outbreaks but not as many and I think my skin is looking more even. I think this is a good product and being a blogger I do get sent lots of stuff to try, this however I will be using every single drop of. That’s a testament in itself!

This serum is currently on offer with £10 off taking it from £35 to £35 so it’s a great time to purchase. Visit their website here

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* PR Gift. This box was sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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