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Impulse Body Mist Range – New Release *

Hi Dolls,

So who remembers the good old days where every single teenage girl had Impulse body sprays? Before the beauty scene exploded into a plethora of products for every girls need Impulse were really strong in their presence on the market as being the ‘Go to’ body mist – I remember the adverts on TV of girls not wanting to raise their arms who didn’t use impulse! Ok…I’m showing my age! But Impulse still have their place in the market and when walking around the isles of boots and Superdrug you still see the impulse range proudly displayed at eye level.

So when I got asked if I wanted to try out their newly released range of body mists of course I was interested in seeing how the brand has evolved and what they had to offer these days as it had been years since I purchased what was a cult product from Impulse.

Impulse have launched a range of 5 body mists which are available exclusively at Superdrug which have been available in stores since September 2017. Impulse say with their new body mist fragrances they are making sure all of us super-women have a fragrance that ensures we are ready to boss the day, spritz by spritz.

Impulse kindly sent me two bottles of body mist from their new range; Purple Petals + Smoky Sky and Whipped Cream + Microchip.


The body mists are a really generous size at 150ml and a really reasonable price of £7.00 I think these will last for ages. I’ve been using these on days where I really don’t want to wear something as heavy or frankly expensive as perfume but I still want to feel and smell fresh and nice and these are ideal for that.

The full range of fragrances are:

  • Purple Petals + Smoky Sky
  • Burnt Marshamallow + Leather Jacket
  • Tropical Beach + Espresso
  • Whipped Cream + Microchip
  • White Lace + Muddy Grass

I think these fragrances are perfect to pop into your bag to freshen up throughout the day, they are well perfumed and do smell really good. Next time I’m in Supedrug I will definitely be trying out the other fragrances. The bottle itself is a fab design and the pump does give a really give mist to let you leave the house feeling as fresh as a petal! Shop the range here
Big thanks to Impulse for sending me these body mists, I’ve been using them regularly.
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