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Charlotte Tilbury Skincare – Giving me all the glow! *

Hi Dolls,

So I’ve been blogging for around 2 years now and as if by Charlotte Tilbury Magic I got offered an amazing PR opportunity to work with a brand Charlotte Tilbury! This was and still is such an exciting opportunity for me. Over my last two years of blogging I really have collaborated with some amazing brands and I’m so grateful for every opportunity I get offered and PR event I get invited to. But this opportunity has to be the cherry on the cake for me, to be recognised by such a fabulous company. So enough gushing…lets look into what I was sent to try.


First up lets just take a moment to appreciate the packaging – I did an unboxing of this parcel over on my Instagram Dolly Rockin Beauty and you could tell just how wonderful I found the whole unboxing experience! I love instastories for that, it really shows your genuine first impressions of a product and its fair to say this was a positive experience for me.

The parcel arrived in a beautiful box in the classic gold and burgundy Tilbury colours with ribbon detailing and each gift was beautifully wrapped. I had no idea what to expect within the box, I guess in the back of my mind I had kind of assumed that it would be makeup which would have been amazing as well – but it was actually a box full of skin care – amazing!


The Gift of Goddess Skin – Travel Kit

This beautifully packaged set is the perfect on the go travel kit which offers 3 of Charlotte Tilbury’s highly raved about skin care products. Although the products are travel sized I actually think they are really generous and a really good way to try products without committing to a full size purchase.

This kit focuses on giving your skin a radiant glow from a wonderful mask, intensive moisturiser and wonderglow to really give your skin a beautiful appearance and feeling amazing. We also shouldn’t ignore the fact that this kit is packaged up as an adorable little suitcase! It really does make the most wonderful gift, for you, a friend or a loved one.

The Gift of Goddess Skin Travel Kit contains:

  • Travel Goddess Skin Clay Mask – 15ml
  • Travel Magic Cream – 15ml
  • Travel Wonderglow – 15ml

So lets break this down and look at each product as I really am enjoying using each and every one.

Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I’m a doll that adores a good pamper and facemasks would have to be at the top of my list for a girly pampering night in to make me feel special and that I’m really investing in my skin to give it a well needed boost. I’ve tried so many masks over the years, but this one would have to go down as one of my top 5 masks! Its sacked with Bio-Nymph Peptide, Mediterranean Clay and Sweet Almond Oil and believe me when I tell you that this smells incredible.

From the fragrance, to application, to washing off to how it makes your skin feel afterwards it’s a pleasure at every stage. The mask smells sweet yet fresh and literally glides onto the skin. It recommends to my leave the mask on for 10 minutes but I liked to leave it for a little longer. It’s not a particularly drying or tightening mask and in turn this makes washing it off super easy and it leaves your skin feeling so incredible soft and moisturised. I really really love this mask!

You can buy the full size Goddess Skin Clay Mask for £38, and although its maybe a stretch on some people’s budget I do think its a super special skin care treat and it will leave skin smoother, plumper and glowing.


Magic Cream

So ok, lets talk about Charlottes miracle-working Magic Cream which contains a secret fusion of anti-ageing ingredients to instantly turnaround dull, ageing, lacklustre skin. This moisturiser is an award-winning cream that is Charlottes coveted secret formula.

This moisturiser soaks beautifully into the skin, it isn’t greasy and has a light yet fresh fragrance and when applied in the morning under your makeup gives a great moisture boost and base to apply your makeup, and at night it equally feels like an overnight treat for your skin helping to hydrate, nourish and soften skin.

Believe in the magic…

• Unique ‘multi-tasking’ anti-age BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen production while fighting free radicals
• This multi-tasking treat & transform moisturiser features a secret blend of patented ingredients
• SPF15 and an anti-UVA filter protects your skin from the sun’s ageing effects
• Hyaluronic acid and wild pansy extracts seal-in moisture
• Rosehip and camellia oils and antioxidant vitamin E transforms dull complexions
• Paraben-free



This little tube of wonder is again another award winner from the Tilbury line up. This primer is great to use after your magic cream to help give my tired skin a much need boost and glow helping it to look more dewy and luminous. This is great applied on its own or sometimes I like to mix it with my foundation. I wear quite a heavy full coverage foundation that can be sometimes make my skin look too matt and dull. Wonderglow with its tinted formula helps my skin feel bright, more dewy and generally healthier by using UV light to help give me that healthy glow.

You could even use the wonderglow for your no makeup, makeup days just to give your skin that little ‘pick me up’. This lightly tinted primer ceramic microspheres help to smooth over wrinkles and imperfect skin tone. It doesn’t hide scars or blemishes but it does give a really great glow to the skin.

It also has anti-aging BioNymph Peptide Complex which helps stimulates collagen to promote elasticity in your skin – as 38 is knocking at my door this is a great plus for me, I need all the help I can get within my chosen skin care products.


Brightening Youth Glow

The other item I received was a full size Brightening Youth Glow. I had read so much about this product online, like many of charlottes products this is highly raved about and after using it for a couple of weeks I am of the same opinion that this is a super lovely product. It applies to the skin effortlessly, its a fairly thin consistency so it doesn’t impact on the performance of my foundation and actually give a beautiful base for my daily make up routine.

So what does the Tibury team say makes this cream rewind the clock:

  • Improve skin’s luminosity.
  • Helps to blur pores and blemishes.
  • Helps to lessen skin discoloration and age spots.
  • Contains watercress extract to brighten your skin by actively blocking melanin production.
  • Contains Vitamin B3 which helps to even out skin tone, and brighten complexion
  • Olive Extract plumps and moisturises for supple, more elastic skin.
  • Chlorella is a green algae extract that stimulates even pigment distribution across the skin to even out skin tone.
  • Pearlescent pigments bounce the light to more flattering angles of the face, helping to soften & blur under eye circles – believe me I need this! I’m a sleep deprived mumma!


So all in all I have absolutely LOVED all 4 of these products. It’s difficult to choose a standout product as I genuinely think they are all so good. But I do think the mask is so so good and really does leave your skin feeling super soft and nourished. Also the moisturiser for me is amazing and I would be happy to always use this as my moisturiser of choice if my funds could stretch to it – it is pretty pricey for me, but its everything I want in my skin care.

This is my first time of trying Charlotte Tilbury products and its safe to say I haven’t been disappointed. Have you tried any of their products? Comment below I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations of what I should try next!

A huge thank you to Charlotte Tilbury for sending me such a truly fab package of treat from their range, its been a delight and I look forward to continuing to use these products as part of my skin care routine going forward.

Thanks for reading Dolls, don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty and lifestyle posts! And while you are there why not give little known box a follow too! And Also find me on Follow my blog with Bloglovin“>Bloglovin



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