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Results With Lucy Instagram Stories Takeover – Fitness Blog

Hi dolls,

This post is all around my fitness journey. It’s something that has become a big part of my life over the last 18 months and it’s a journey that I’m enjoying so much more than I ever thought I would.

Scroll back through my blog posts and you will see when I started my journey with Results With Lucy where I was feeling confident within myself mentally or physically. I started to embark on a journey that I never dreamt would give me the opportunity that I had this week…To take over the Results With Lucy Instagram stories for day with a following of 175k!

I have completed multiple plans with Results With Lucy….again you’re gonna need to hit that scroll button to dig into the archives, but more recently – in October 2017 to be specific I was asked to become one of their ambassadors. Of course this was an honour and I’m so proud of myself that such a fab online fitness company would want me to rep their brand! It still feels like a pinch me moment sometimes. However, that said…I have worked hard to work toward reaching my fitness goals.

So I’m currently on the HIIT Harder programme and I’m planning on doing a full blog about it, but I just thought show you where I was when i started, to where I am now.

August 2016

January 2018

I think the transformation is great. I’m Not embarrassed to say that, it doesn’t make me a narcissist, it means that actually I’ve worked bloody hard to make this progress and I’ve owned y journey. It is purely down to being driven to make a better version of me that feels better mentally and phsyically.

When I was asked to do the first takeover on their instastories I was so nervous but I’m so glad to agreed – it’s tough being the first up as you don’t know where to pitch it, and my goodness I recorded my intro so many times before sharing it! I was full on shaking…shaking for feeling nervous, for being judged, insulted, unsupported and self conscious. But then I just thought sod it, and sod any negative people. Talk about your journey, your passion your motivations and from the heart and everything will happen naturally- and that’s exactly what happened. Once I started chatting I didn’t really stop!

I did some intro chats about me, my motivators, my plans and then I did some short workout clips. God help me! I don’t feel embarrassed about doing that to the 1000 or so people that follow my Instagram as I have a really supportive community around me…but 175k seemed a whole lot more nerve wracking!

To some it up I absolutely loved it, I had so many messages from people saying they could relate to what inwas saying and that I had inspired them. That was amazing. If I had motivated just 1 person I would have been stoked so to get the response I did it was amazing. I got message from lucy Mecklenburgh herself and chatted about my posts on her insta story, her Personal Trainer Cecilia also offered me her support which was incredible as both these women inspire and motivate me daily.

So what’s next? To continue on with my Results With Lucy HIIT Harder plan and then start a new plan! I’ve come this far and I have no intention of quitting now.

Lucy reposted my progress pics and I did feel proud to have worked so hard especially as I have never set foot in a gym. Everything you see is purely down to the Results With Lucy plans and for that and the team of RWL Fitties unwell be eternally grateful for helping me to become, happier, healthier and more confident in my own skin.

Check out the Results With Lucy plans on offer….they have some great deals including a half price year long programme that is £199 instead of £400 until the end of january. You can also try RWL for 10 days for FREE or get £5 off your first plan.

Pop over to my fitness Instagram page and come on the journey with me, we can take it on one sit up and burpee at a time!


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