Blend that Trend – Beauty Blender

Hi Dolls

We all know I’m a girl that loves a full face of makeup and my ride or die product would of course have to be foundation. But in my opinion foundation is only as good as the tool you apply it with – and my weapon of choice is more often than not a blending sponge.

I do like silicone blenders too but I think ultimately I still would reach for a beauty blender after to give that flawless finish. There are literally a tonne of blending sponges on the market and let me tell you I have tried quite a few with varied degrees of success. Some that I’ve tried once and thrown away, some that I used until they ripped and some that I’ve been undecided on. However, madly I had never tried the most talked about beauty sponge on the market – The Beauty Blender.

So when I was recently kindly sent one to try I was excited to see if it lived up to the hype.


I was sent a beauty blender and some beauty blender cleanser to try. I love foundation, I wear it every single day and its my one ‘must have’ make up product. It just makes me feel more confident and more well…me!

So as with all blenders, the sponge works best when damp, though I have to admit I don’t always feel the need to do this, this is part down to laziness and part down to the fact I like the finish beauty blenders give without being damp.

This particular beauty blender looked pretty small and I liked that as I found it great to apply foundation around the eye area. However when you wet it, it spring into life and is actually a really large blender. For me personally I am happy to apply it either way as I feel it really does give a great flawless coverage. The sponge itself is really super soft, doesn’t drag on the skin and does help to blend my foundation and concealer perfectly.


Now I’m a bit guilty of not cleaning my blending sponges as often as I should and that probably the thing dislike about sponges…cleaning and harbouring bacteria. I have never found a very good way to clean my sponges without damaging by ripping them trying to scrub and squeeze too hard to wash the foundation out, so I was intrigued to try this cleansing solution for beauty blenders as I didn’t know such a thing existed.

Now this was just a little sample bottle to try and I did use about 3/4 of the bottle getting my sponge clean but I feel it actually did a really good job of cleaning my sponge, it take a few minutes to get it where I wanted to be, but actually it came up pretty clean and with no rips at all, I would say that I struggled to get the foundation out of the very tip of the blender though as I didn’t want to scrub too hard at its most thin point!


It’s a good concept and it worked well, I’m not really keen on the smell – it really reminds me of hand soap at school, which I do think lets it down somewhat – maybe it just brings back memories of school toilets! But if it was a better fragrance or no fragrance at all I would happily purchase a full size bottle of this for around £16.00 as its does work well.


Overall I’m delighted with the two products though and I have used another brand of blending sponge since receiving this one as I think it really does give such a great finish. So are they worth the hype? Well, they wash much better than any other beauty sponge I have tried, they expand well, yet also work beautifully without dampening them and I love the finish. So yes I believe these are worth the investment in spending a little extra on your blending sponge.

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* These products were sent to me for review but my opinions are completely honest and my own


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