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Shea Moisture Smooth & Tame Shampoo & Conditioner *

Hi dolls,

Apparently…spring is upon us. I’m still convinced however I will have to believe we really are in spring despite the weather and stat thinking more about my hair choices for the upcoming summer.

Anyone that know’s me, know that I go through the same cycle every year with my hair….darker in autumn/winter months lighter in spring summer. Isn’t that most people’s hair dying seasonal ritual?!

Anyway, after what feel like and endless winter my hair has been feel somewhat lifeless and I’m currently at an in between stage. I’m not loving my hair and I’m looking to discover a new hair product to use that actually agrees with my hair.

Shea Moisture gave me the opportunity to review some of their products and I chose their Argan Oil and Almond Milk Smooth and Tame Conditioner.

For me I thought this sounded just like what my hair needed. Although my hair definitely isn’t fine, it is frizzy.

As a general rule I do really like almond based products and argan oil has always been a good ‘go to’ beauty / hair care ingredient.  Shea Moisture products are free from Parabens, sulphates, synthetic colour and paraffin.


The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and they are pretty thick, and the first time I used it I think I made the mistake of putting too much product on, sometimes you get so immersed in the scent or a product you end up using far too much and it becomes difficult to get out! So I would say remember less is maybe more when it comes to using these products.


I do find it tricky to work out if I have fully washed a product out of my hair and its so frustrating to spend ages drying your hair after washing only to discover you still have loads of products still on at the root and hair styling is a waste of time as your hair looks greasy.  I think where I and many other go wrong is putting conditioner on the roots of my hair, lathering up under the disillusion that it will help my hair to be super soft and shiny but in reality it makes feel heavy and full of product.

The shampoo I got on with well and it does make your hair feel soft, but I think maybe the conditioner may not be quite right for my hair type. This is down to my poor choice of choosing which product to go for. I know my hair is frizzy and dry, but it isn’t fine at all. Its coarse and wild!


However, my daughter who I have massive hair envy over has the most beautiful long blonde hair that locks like spun gold and her hair is fine and this combination in her hair works beautifully.


Most of the time I use children’s products on my kid’s hair but actually as Shea Moisture is free from all the nasties I was happy to give this a whirl in their hair and actually it works beautifully. However Shea Moisture do also have an extensive range of products designed for mumma and children too.

Shea Moisture products are available quite widely now, and I have more recently seen them on the shelves in Boots. You can also purchase many of their range online from Shea Moisture directly or amazon and other beauty outlets.

Although this formula isn’t quite right for my coarse hair, I am absolutely going to look into finding an alternative product in their range as I feel you get a lot of product for your money, quality products, good ethics, and free from nasty chemicals. The shampoo and conditioner are on sale from boots for £10.99 each plus currently on offer for 3 for 2.

Thanks for reading Dolls, don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts!


* These products were sent to me for review but my opinions are completely honest and my own

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