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Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Ice White Shampoo *

Hi Dolls

Summer is here and no doubt that see’s many of us reaching for the bottle of bleach in an attempt to lighten our locks and get the beach babe, sun-kissed look. Now we all know that lightening or hair doesn’t come without a cost and whether that be damage from bleach or heat, having blonde hair comes with a heavy maintenance responsibility.


One of the most common issues with having bleached hair is that brassy tones creep their way into killing your hair vibe and leave you feeling more on the ginger vibe than an ice white blonde.

Purple and violet shampoo is one way to tackle this issue without having to cause more damage reaching for the bleach bottle again. Lee Stafford has recently launched a brilliant Bleach Blondes line of hair care products to help turn that brassy nightmare into a blonde bombshell banishing those truly unwelcome orange tones.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Ice White Shampoo really did work well from the first use for me, my hair naturally kicks out a lot of warm tones and as I’m a brunette naturally bleaching up my hair is always a slow process and I really have to go through those brassy phases until I get to the right lift and tone of colour I am after with my ombre hair.


The shampoo has an amazing violet pigment which truly does help to tone down those unwanted hues and help to lift out the ice white colours. It has a classic ‘Lee Stafford’ smell to it which is really pleasant, for me its a trademark smell of all Lee Stafford hair care products.

One other great thing I have noticed about this particular violet shampoo is that it doesn’t stain my hands or grout in my bathroom which a few other brands I have used do!

For me this shampoo has been great and it will be the one voilet shampoo that I will keep reaching for time and time again. I do think you need a good conditioner with it, so I’m now going to go and try the Bleach White conditioner with it too at just £6.99 i think this is a great product. The Lee Stafford range can be purchsed from Boots and is often seen on a 3 for 2 offer.

So if your a blonde bombshell and looking to tone your hair then i really recommend trying this shampoo.

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* This product was sent to me for review but my opinions are completely honest and my own

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