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How to Transform Your Look With Your Locks with Cliphair Hair Extensions

Hi Dolls

Does summer make you want to switch up your look? Well, a great way to really switch things up is to change up your hair. Be it colouring, having a haircut, restyle or using hair extensions to add length the possibilities are vast but the results can be a total transformation.

So let’s look at how a fresh new set of extensions can really give you a brand new look and add length, thickness, multi-tonal colours and a confidence boost!


Cliphair offer a great range of hair products and extensions and there is an amazing colour range of extensions to choose from. Whether your hair is all one colour, multi-tonal or ombre the you will be able to find a shade that will match your hair to put you on the path to your transformation.

Cliphair not only have standard extensions but they also offer double wefted and quad weft clip in extensions so this really give a great choice to ensure you have enough weight and thickness of hair to make sure you get a great both hair and thickness blend when wearing your extensions.


I have recently dyed my hair to go for a lighter more sunkissed look for summer and the bleach took its toll and I also had quite a few inches chopped off. So I now have a Midi cut which I like but I’m already missing having longer hair. This is where Cliphair comes in! I came to the conclusion that there is no point in holding on to long, lifeless and limp hair that’s in terrible condition at the ends, and is all split and whispie. It made more sense to cut my hair off to the healthy full part of my hair and simply use hair extensions to give me volume and length wherever I feel the urge.


As my hair is actually quite coarse and now quite thick, the double wefted extensions are ideal for me. They offer length and volume but the colour choices are amazing and I managed to choose two tone extensions of Light Brown & Ginger Blonde to blend into my balayage hair.

To apply the extensions I sectioned off my hair and added 3 rows of clip-in extensions using the whole set, to give me the desired look I wanted. As the extensions are human hair they can be heat style also, or even dyed if the colour blend isn’t quite right. For me, the colour may need a little adjusting but as I know I’m going to lighten my hair further over the summer months I am hesitate to dye them.

I applied the extensions to my hair when they were straight and fresh out of the packet. I instantly loved them and how they made me feel more feminine, confident, glamourous and I feel they generally lifted my look.


The extensions themselves are beautifully soft, extremely good quality and really give amazing volume to your hair.

To further try to blend my own hair to the extensions I opted for a top knot Ariana Grande style leaving my extensions long, straight and chic. I love to wear top-knot styles with extensions as it can give it a really simple quick style that looks great without committing to the time and skills of a full up-do.


I have been wearing extensions for years and cliphair offer some of the best on the market. I can’t wait to share more styles with you on my next blog!

Thanks for reading Dolls, don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts!


* This product was sent to me for review but my opinions are completely honest and my own


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