Sensationail Peel Off Strip Gel Starter Kit *

Hi Dolls,

With the new year in full swing we are all looking forward to new goals, whether that be dry January, getting fitter, healthier or having some more self care / self love time one of the best way to feel good about yourself is to feel glam from head to  fingertips to toes! And I am happy to been trialing a brand that’s got us covered for our mani’s and Pedi’s….Enter Sensationail!

I’m a doll that’s been using Sensationail since it burst onto the scene and it was one of the first gel nail brands to make it into high street store making it possible for us all to achieve nail salon results from home.

More recently Sensationail have launched a new system and I have been so stoked to be able to review it and see how well it performs – The Sensationail Strip Peel off Gel!


“No more acetone/soaking! SensatioNail Deluxe Strip Gel starter kit comes with everything you need to do peel off gel manicures and pedicures.  This includes an LED lamp with USB lead & mains adaptor, buffer and cleanser for preparing the nails, 4 full size colour polishes, our non-wipe top coat and our air-dry base coat that means you can easily remove gel from nails by simply peeling it off, without damaging nails and whilst maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear.”
For me the starter kit is fantastic and has absolutely everything you need to start doing your very own gel manicures that have a salon finish. Most of us have visited a salon for gel nails and then struggled to remove the gel once they start to lift and peel without damaging our own nails. This is where this peel off gel from Sensationail is such a brilliant idea.
The non-wipe top coat and StripGel base coat that means you can easily remove gel from nails by simply peeling it off, without damaging nails and whilst maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear. This means you can switch up your nail colour as many times as you desire and it won’t harm your nails!
The new SensatioNail led gel nail lamp now cures gel in just 30 seconds and includes: automatic sensor – which turns on automatically when you place your fingers in the lamp it also has a USB cable which lets you charge the lamp from a USB port (also includes UK mains power adapter)
The kit comes with the following:
  • gel Primer 3.54ml
  • base/topcoat 3.69Ml
  • Gel Cleanser 14.6ml
  • 12 X lint free wipes
  • 22 x peel off nail shields
  • double-sided nail buffer
  • manicure stick
  • led nail lamp (USB & mains charger)
  • how-to booklet
  • 1 coloured gel nail polish


I have so enjoyed using this kit ever since getting it and it lasts super well on my nails although its equally easy to peel off when I fancy switching up my look

You can create access nails and be as creative or as colourful as you want. This deluxe kit is £59.99 and you can pick this up from Boots here

Thanks for reading and wishing you all a very merry and a super sparkly new year!


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