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Hi Dolls,

So today I wanted to talk a little around self love and body confidence. We live in an age where we are constantly bombarded with images of women with beautiful flawless figures and we can’t help but compare ourselves and slowly self doubt and a critical eye creeps in.

So as a mother I want to touch upon motherhood and acceptance of your body after having children and the importance of investing in yourself by self love. There’s lots of positive steps you can take towards rediscovering self love and this can take a while to readjust but there are some small quick fix changes that are less about the mental more about the physical and rediscover wearing things to make you feel more confident and learning to love your new body.

Being a mother of two I know only too well how hard it can feel to feel yourself after having children, your body has changed and although carrying a baby is one of lifes truly wonderful gifts, it leaves it mark on you, forever imprinted on your heart body and soul!

Once the baby shaped whirlwind arrives in your life then its all too easy to put yourself and your own self care, well being and appearance way down your list of priorities. So lets strip it back – right back to our undies in fact!

It may sound silly, but matching underwear can feel like a thing of the past when you’re a mum, or just for someone who has stopped investing in themselves and feeling special about themselves.

Now I know how good a nice lingerie set can feel when you put it on, you instantly feel more ‘put together’ more feminine, sexier, and confident in your own skin. Like you have allowed yourself the time to choose your underwear, feel damn good in it, and look at your body from a different perspective! You focus less on the negatives and start to see more positives and ultimately that’s where we want our mindset to sit – in that happier healthier head space!

So being an online fitness ambassador I am often ‘putting myself out there’ and I interact with so many women everyday around self love, self worth, body image, health and fitness so I asked them what makes them feel good when it come to underwear. So we will revisit that in a short while….


Upon looking into underwear and the impact it can have on the way we feel about ourselves I came across UK Lingerie and they were kind enough to gift me a matching underwear set of my choice to feature in this blog! They have such an amazing range of gorgeous items it was difficult to choose, from practical, to basics, to really beautiful sets such as this with beautiful detailing.

Personally being bigger busted I didn’t know if there was much out there for me that was a both pretty and supportive as it used to be the bigger the cup size the less attractive the bras became, but thankfully we have moved on and there is a vast choice of beautiful styles for women with bigger boobs! Hurrah!

I opted for Lascana Fabiola full cup bra as I loved the black and gold combo with stunning lace detailing and for me it offers a beautiful supportive design with padded bra and full briefs to compliment any body shape yet still being incredibly beautiful and luxurious and oozing glamour and seduction.


This set is from a company called Lascana and their designs are beautiful and the quality is incredible, yes you may pay a little more than a high street set, but this matching set, sets itself apart from the rest. We all know black is flattering and with the lace it brings that sex appeal but the gold detailing offers a more romantic twist to this set and I love it for that!


I really loved the briefs that go with this set, and although there are a couple of style to choose from I think a French knicker style brief is super flattering. Click here to see a full description and to shop

As a fitness ambassador I interact, support and try to help motivate and give other women advice every day, trying to help discover their inner confidence to exude outer confidence, so I asked them what underwear they like and how it makes them feel:

“matching all the way, and as a representative of the itty bitty titty committee I’m a fan of lace bralettes”

“matchy matchy all day”

“definitely matching, and love lace numbers”

“matching, lacey, thongs and suspenders and love red or black, and white when I have a tan! I love lingerie!”

“lacey, in a teal green or black and a fuller brief that holds in my muffin top”

“matching definitely, as a bigger busted gal I find it difficult to fine really sexy lingerie or at least what I feel comfortable in. Love a black lacey number but if I want to feel powerful I go for red!”

“Love a matching set. As someone with a flat chest I love anything that draws all the attention to my bum, usually lacey makes me feel sexiest and I love bright colours”

“Matching set for definite, I love satin and lace. I feel my sexiest in colours like deep purple, navy and black, but I feel very feminine in pale pinks. My peach isn’t symmetrical so I feel more comfortable in shorts or Brazilian briefs. Bra wise I like padding and plunging bras”

So it seems we all still love a lacey matching set to make us feel the best about ourselves and with so many amazing styles on offer from UK Lingerie that I guarantee you will be spoilt for choice on what you want to buy!

As a woman fast approaching my 40’s and I actually feel very confident in my own skin and it’s taken me a long time to find that inner confidence , accept my body, work hard and maintaining my figure but also appreciate and respect my body for all it has given me – the gift of motherhood and health.

After all, why the hell shouldn’t you feel good about yourself and your body. It’s the only one we have and we need to rediscover some self love, self acceptance and celebrate our bodies for how amazing they really are!

Thanks for reading Dolls, don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts!


* This was sent to me for review but my opinions are completely honest and my own

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