About Dolly Rockin Beauty

img_20161106_233944.jpgHi Dolls, So here’s a little bit about me! My name is Jo and I started blogging in 2015 after starting up an Instagram beauty account Dolly Rockin Beauty which showcases all of my favourite beauty products, looks of the day, product reviews and my beauty and fashion inspirations.

I’m a working mother with two beautiful children who are my absolute world. I believe that becoming a mother doesn’t mean you should give up all your other passions, I have a very strong opinion on keeping your own identity and wellbeing. Blogging with two young children brings it’s challenges but I believe every mother is a QUEEN and finding time to invest in your other passions be it make up, fashion or other hobbies that it should be celebrated and supported.

I believe that everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and beauty products and makeup makes you feel better about yourself then its something to be shared and celebrated and great to help inspire others. In my normal day job I work for a charity  who works with individuals who have multiple and complex needs and have done so for 12 years and this work owns a big passion within my inner self as I strive to help and empower others, who faces real adversity and challenges in life.  

As I posted more on Instagram, I found a real wealth and knowledge within the beauty industry on there and a real community of beauty bloggers who all share ideas, reviews and recommendations. My page soon began to grow in terms of followers and so the blog was born! I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great brands over the last year and I’m hoping this will continue to grow over the coming years and I have some really lovely followers. Brands collaborated include:

  • Little Known Box
  • Missu
  • Lola Makeup
  • Six Plus
  • Aurora Band
  • Carex
  • She Protein
  • Magnitone
  • Sebamed
  • Hempz
  • UTAN & Tone
  • The English Soap Company
  • Cliphair
  • Keeko Oil
  • Cellublue
  • Gym Secrets
  • Messie Mats
  • Makeup Box Ldn
  • Skinny Coffee
  • Jerome Alexander
  • FLash
  • Her Clutterbox
  • RedBow Beauty Boxes
  • Thumbs Up Nails
  • Nugg
  • Practk
  • Dreamdots
  • Scrub love
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Results With Lucy
  • Lee Stafford Hair

So what’s next for me? Who knows, but whilst I absolutely love doing what I do, I will continue to blog, share my opinions and experiences and review and trial beauty, hair, fashion and general fitness / health products. I would absolutely love to train as a MUA, as I’m so passionate about believing every woman deserves the right to feel beautiful and confident about herself and if makeup and beauty products are those tools, then I would love to help create that confidence.

If you would like to collaborate with me drop me a message.

Lots of love, Remember to love yourself and celebrate others success and be kind to others, we all face our own struggles and should celebrate each others great achievements, life is for living and enjoying and discovering some great beauty products along the way!

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