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Wet Brush – Tangle free locks *

Hi Dolls

We all love beauty tools, and I personally tend to focus a lot on makeup brushes and really make an investment in them, but I don’t seem to put so much thought into my hair brushes. I have to admit – embarrassingly so, I don’t brush my hair every day. I couldn’t exactly tell you why, maybe its being too busy running around after my kids and holding down a job and home and constantly making sure my kids look more presented than me, or maybe its part laziness and has become a habit….never the less its something I need to start doing, to help with more hair care and work with my natural hair loss cycle.

So, when I was sent a couple of hair brushes for Wet Brush it was an ideal opportunity to up my game in terms of looking after my hair and putting in the time to actually brush it regularly. As part of on going illness I have hair loss and unusual hair cycles is something that  I have become used to, but I’m sure that brushing would help improve the situation.

Wet Brushes are designed specifically for wet hair, the Wet Brush will detangle your knots with ease – no matter what hair type and really doesn’t pull at the hair at all and for me that’s fantastic as I have quite a sensitive scalp these days.


The Wet Brush Natural Wood is brilliant for painlessly removing tangles and knots after washing your hair and also as effective on dry hair too. I have quite dry and coarse hair and its pretty brittle from years of over bleaching and using box dyes its isn’t in the best condition so for the Wet Brush is ideal as it’s designed for all  for all hair types and textures, this brush can be used on both wet or dry hair and really does feel super gentle on my hair.

The brush Features Intelliflex bristles that glide effortlessly through tangled hair, the Wet Brush works wonders when removing knots without feeling like its going to pull too much hair out or causing harm to my scalp. The Wet Brush is also great for use with extensions.  You have to be super helpful with extensions that you don’t pull at the too much as they will start to come away from the clips so this brush is ideal.



The natural Wet Brush I have received has been super great actually and I genuinely have been brushes my hair more. Long may it continue that I actually put some more time into my hair other than just putting extensions in it!

I also was sent a mini key chain brush which has been amazing for my 4 year old daughter. This is great because it’s a lovely small design which makes brushing her own hair easier and helps her to feel more independent but the real bonus is it doesn’t hurt her. She is literally like Rapunzel with long blonde locks all the way to her bum and it does get super knotty, so finding a brush that she actually insists I use over any other I think it is a real testament. It could of course be a great brush to pop in your handbag, but this little pink metallic wet brush has definitely been claimed!

These brushes are effective, feel nice, good ergonomic design and really do make brushing your hair easier! A Thumbs up from me and my girl!

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* These products were sent to me for review but my opinions are completely honest and my own

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