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The Fabulous Her Clutter Box Acrylic Make Up Storage That Every Girl Needs

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So since I’ve started blogging about makeup – naturally my make up collection has grown. This is down to various reasons such as subscribing to beauty boxes, being sent PR items and because following so many other beauty blogs and accounts tempts me far too much to go out and by the makeup I see posts about!

A company called Her Clutter Box contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their acrylic makeup storage boxes – so some products I decline to review if I doesn’t fit my blog but not this, this was perfect and these looked absolutely gorgeous and I love my acrylic storage that I already have, so this was a great opportunity for me.

For me I found makeup has become so beautifully packaged these days that sometimes the packaging can almost be as enticing as the product itself! I’m a sucker for all things pretty! So when my parcel arrived I was so excited and didn’t expect the storage to be half the size it was…this is huge and one of the biggest acrylic storage drawers I had seen. It features 4 drawers with 3 being the same size and then the bottom drawer being deeper in height so it really can accommodate larger beauty items.

One of the other features I loved was that it had a lift top box which is great also to be able to access that top drawer that way. It also comes with multiple section dividers that enables you to section up each drawer and really make you own bespoke acrylic drawers and for in the products you want. 20160707_200116.jpg

The drawers themselves are made from fabulous quality acrylic and are really sturdy and durable and they have a really good smooth opening and closing system. Sometimes I find organising my makeup a bit dull as I struggle for space as I only have a small vanity table I often find my makeup sprawling out all over it making it all look untidy. However my Her Clutterbox drawers have totally enabled me to clean up my vanity and put some organisation back to makeup collection!

Her Cluttterbox also offer some other gorgeous acrylic items such as a nail polish holder which ideal for either beauty salons or those who a rather partial to a pretty Mani / pedi or two! Or a 5 drawer system which I now totally need to out my lipsticks in or a 6 drawer system which is now also firmly on my lust list for 2016! To visit their full range of products visit the Her Clutterbox website here

For me these gorgeous storage systems would work equally well in salons or at home as they do hold such a great amount of products and you can easily see what each drawer holds. I could see them working well for make up artists too. It might seem like quite an investment as the 4 drawer one I have is £129.00 but it really is so lovely and looks fab on your vanity table or beauty room.

I posted a picture and short videos about this product on my Instagram and have had such img_20160715_220326.jpga overwhelming positive response to them, I think actually one post was my most highly liked posts since I began my instagram accounts with over 1000 likes! See the post here

So girls, if you love a bit of organisation and you are as obsessed with makeup as I am then I strongly recommend you check out these fab acrylic storage systems from Her Clutterbox, they often have offers on and with over 43,000 likes on their facebook page you can tell this brand is going from strength to strength. I want to say a big thank you to Her Clutterbox for bringing both calm and beauty to my vanity table!

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