My Blogging Schedule V’s Real Life 

Hi Dolls,

Just a quick late night post. As I’m fairly new compared to some of the old pro’s of blogging who have been doing it for years and years; I am still finding my feet in terms of a schedule and content but for me I like to post when it fits around my busy lifestyle.  I work part-time and managing motherhood too sometimes blogging has to take a back seat, but I’ve recently decided that I will try and post twice a week when my normal day to day life allows it will most likely be on Wednesdays and Sundays. I have a few posts to catch up on then I will settle into a schedule as I feel it will take away some of the pressure and really help me to plan and focus.

My day job is incredibly busy at the moment and I’ve just been asked to project manage a new funded project which is so exciting for me but I will also still have to juggle my normal work so it’s a little added pressure but I do like a challenge. This charity based project is nothing I’ve ever really done before but it has a strong focus of well-being within it and that is something I’m really trying to focus on for myself at the moment so it’s timely! But at the moment I’m not allowed to publicly say what exactly the project is or who has funded it!

For my blog photos I’m also hoping to start using my dslr cameras for the blog as I used to do photography albeit portrait photorahy but that hasn’t happened for a while so it’s time to dust off the Nikon and rediscover my love of capturing beautiful images.

In terms of blogs it will be a mix of subjects around beauty, fitness, fashion and wellbeing, lots of them will be product reviews from items I get sent to review as the whole point of reviewing is to tell people about your experience of a product, regardless of if it was sent to you or not I always give an honest opinion and clearly state if the item was sent or not.

But most of all, my blog is my little place to come and reflect and show my interests and recommendations or reviews, I decide and nobody else – on the content and also my real life my take over my time to blog sometimes but I’m totally cool with that as I do have a pretty balanced outlook and dont want to feel burdened by my blog. I have a fast paced life filled with great family and friends and great job so striking the right balance is key for me!

As time goes by my daily blog stats and hits are getting better and better and that my friends….is good enough for me!To those of you that have supported me this far…I thank you it means a lot!


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2 thoughts on “My Blogging Schedule V’s Real Life 

  1. I’m trying to post twice a week now too I kinda got overwhelmed with uni at the start of this year and going back in a few weeks and starting a part time job is gonna make it a whole lot harder but we can do it right? 😂😂


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